Tuesday, March 27, 2012


As Spain’s # 1 makeup and fashion school with locations in Madrid and Barcelona, EPRO has now also recently launched their very own fashion club titled EPROMODA which is quickly making a stand on the online makeup and fashion marked. 

It makes perfect sense really that EPRO branches out in this direction as they for over 5 years now have trained and graduated thousands of Online makeup artist, fashion styling and fashion design students, both in English and in Spanish. The more amazing factor is that the students are drilled in a manner that allows them the same exams level and certification at the end of study as their in-house students in Madrid and Barcelona gets. 

EPRO states the following about EPROMODA: “The videos, articles and tutorials have a mission of staying true to the expectations of our fans and readers, and will always seek out to use new and fresh models who´ll be given a great opportunity to start their career. EPROMODA understands their fans and students need for high-end fashion that is also doable and approachable and therefore strives for a commercial fashion look that will inspire, motivate and illuminate the days of our readers and viewers. “- And to be quite honest- they do exactly that!

The videos are great, professional and the makeup is technically amazing- but what is even better is how user-friendly they are. We have all seen hundreds of artsy fashion films, that are great, but it doesn´t necessarily give direct inspiration to something a makeup and fashion lover or professional can or would do themselves…

The videos, articles and tutorials´ variety are also a great plus as it caters for every taste, color and facial structure. They don´t always choose to use super polished models which is very admirable as it gives fashion a true face- finally! As far as we can tell, there is no Photo Shop used either (!) and the looks are very straight forward and easily explained without skipping a step just to appear simpler.

So there you have it EPROMODA- so far so good and we´re excited to see the coming stuff you´ll create for us! www.eproimagecourses.com

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